1. Memory

Whether you feel your memory is very bad or very good, the chances are that it is already very good. But it is likely that no one has shown you how to access its true potential. Your self doubt may have started giving you hints of you forgetting people’s names, where’s your wallet, new passwords, things you studied in class, etc. 

Don’t worry my friend, it is not your fault for not remembering these things, we will discuss this later, but let me tell you that you have a very fantastic memory. Believe it or not everyone is having a very good memory. A recent research done on the capacity of the brain says that our human brain has a capacity of 2.5 Petabytes that is 25 lakh GB. If you start recording a television and start storing it in your brain it will take 300 years for your memory to get full. 

Even after having such a powerful brain, why are we not able to remember the things important to us? or why do we forget in the first place? You will get to know about this while reading, let’s try to first understand our memory

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